How Audience Awareness Affects What Copywriters Write

Awareness is a big deal in advertising. If everyone is fully aware of something and they have a desire for it, then the only things stopping them buying it are a) they don’t have the money or a means to get the money, or b) they have a desire, but very little need (the only caveat being that if the desire is strong enough, the need is irrelevant – the holy grail of correctly targeted audiences).

Every product or service being advertised has an awareness scale. But it’s dynamic (some people will always be more aware than others, and some people will be aware of one thing and not aware of another). That’s where targeting comes in – choosing the right channel and audience segment within that channel.

Take Facebook ads. If I advertise ProCopyClub to people who are already taking another copy course, it will be an uphill struggle. They will be a solution aware audience but perhaps not a product aware audience (they didn’t know ProCopyClub existed).

But that same audience ARE product aware of the course they’re currently taking (and having no doubt paid good money for it, are unlikely to want to buy anything else unless convinced that the ‘something else’ is superior).

Google search (or Bing etc.) is perhaps the easiest channel of all because the audience self-selects. You get to choose the awareness scale and write the appropriate ad to service it. Nothing beats that. The only problem is cost. The market dictates it, so you’d better be certain there’s enough margin before embarking down that route.

Knowledge of these principles will help you win new clients. Becoming a successful copywriter depends on it.

PS. As I write this, Google’s parent company (Alphabet) has just passed the $trillion mark, making it the 4th US company to do so (after Amazon, Apple and Microsoft). You don’t need any more proof than that to show that advertising works. Make sure your prospective clients know this.


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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?

Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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