The Truth About Ads Part 5 [Copywriting Guides]

People often mention intrigue as a way to sell. What it sometimes means is not being straight. I see this a lot in IM ads.

If you only sell the vision with no mention of what or how, it’s a blind sale. Here’s an example from my inbox this week. It comes from a long time and fairly well known internet marketer so will earn a certain amount of trust from followers (in other words, this is not going out to a cold audience, and that’s why it will probably work):


“My good friend Joe Bloggs [name changed] is doing something really special.  He is doing something that I haven’t seen anyone else do, and his group is just crushing it.

David used these techniques to make $1,922 from a single client!  And that’s just one of many success stories.

So here’s the good news, I was able to arrange things with [Joe], that he’s going to jump on a call with us, TODAY! , at 7pm (Eastern) for a ONE OFF, Free training on how it all works.”


If you’re in the make money market (which is the point of the IM industry), this is going to appeal big time.

The ad says a “good friend” is going to reveal something special (note I used the word ‘reveal’, but the ad uses the simpler and less spammy word ‘doing’).

We have no idea who ‘David’ is, but we know he’s using these ‘techniques’ to make a very specific amount of money (always be specific, it adds weight to even the blindest of copy).

Note also the use of two exclamation marks in the copy. The writer has used them with intent. They’ve not been chucked in randomly.

By placing them where he has, the writer is telling us that HE’S genuinely surprised David could earn so much “from a single client!”, and that his ‘good friend’ is going to show us how to do this “TODAY!” (the CAPs get our attention – “not long to wait then, maybe I’ll watch it and find out what this is all about [and finally find a way to make money]”.

The above is a typical example of AIDA:

Attention: “doing something really special”

Interest: “make $1,922 from a single client”

Desire: “here’s the good news… one of many success stories”

Action: “jump on a call with us TODAY!”

Are you interested in finding out what Joe Bloggs has to say? As a marketer I’m always interested in “something that I haven’t seen anyone else do”. Trouble is, this is a blind sale, so I already know what it’s about (and I also know whose bank account this will benefit).

PS. See Part 1 here.



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?

Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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