A Simple Way To Get Hired As A Copywriter

Here’s a couple of ideas to help you get hired as a copywriter.

The first is the rule of Simple. Simple ideas. Simple words. The title of Ernest Hemingway’s best known book “The Old Man And The Sea” consists entirely of three letter words. Was that accidental? No. He agonised over every word of everything he wrote. Use simple words.

The second has everything to do with getting work, and it also happens to be a simple idea and a three letter word: Ask.

People love to do favours. Especially when they believe the idea came from themselves.

So here’s the bit that matters. Instead of asking directly for work, reframe it as a question. Eg. “if I were to write a blog piece for you, and it got you some attention – or even work, would you consider hiring me for further work?”


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