Align Your Messages So Your Customers Take Action

If you want someone to do something, you need to align that thing with something they want to do.

This applies to everything in life (not just business). If I want you to follow me on Facebook, then I’d better make sure you have a good reason to.

If I want you to buy my products, then I’d better make sure you want my products. And if I want you to be my friend, well, that’s obvious right.

There’s two types of audience. The audience that’s aligned with what you have, and the audience that isn’t.

Just about every business out there that’s struggling, struggles because they’re not aligned with their audience (or they annoyed their audience so much, it left).

How do you know if you’re aligned?

First, why did they select you? What did you do to get them to visit your site, social media or any other channel you have?

Second, what happened after that? Was your marketing aligned with the reason they turned up?

Probably not. That’s because we simply don’t know. People search Google, find what they think is the answer, click the link, and then what?

If they jump right back into Google, your bounce rate goes up, and eventually Google will drop you for whatever search term the searcher typed in.

Get that response enough times and you won’t have an audience at all.

How can you fix this?

Start with the title of your page as it appears in Google for whatever the main term is that’s getting you traffic.

Make sure your meta title is aligned with your page’s title too (Google will almost always use your meta title if present).

Searchers read the title first. It’s why they click. It’s aligned with what they want. It’s your first hint at who your prospects are.

They click and land on your page. Does that page give them what they want? We can assume (for now) it does or else the page would stop ranking.

What next? Is that the end of their journey? Are they done?

I hope not. So how can you get to know them a little more and start a relationship?

Ask them a favour.

Say “If you’d like to know more about this, drop me your email and I’ll send you my xyz in-depth guide to knowing more about this”.

Now you’ve got a legitimate excuse to find out more about them.

How many relationships have you started that ended after one interaction? (think of all those network meetings you may have been to).

Email open rates are not great. My weekly newsletter here in the Science of Copywriting has a 50% open rate (but it takes about 3 weeks to reach that for each newsletter). These are new people joining who have every reason to want to read it, yet only 1 in 2 of them even open it.

But that’s fine. If every other person who takes your gift starts interacting with you, it’s another touch point in their journey, and they add up.

You must just stay aligned. This is why autoresponders developed ways to segment lists.

“Hey, there, I’ve just launched this new thing, it builds on what we’ve been talking about the last few weeks, if you want to know more about it, click the link below”.

If they click, it’s yet more alignment.

You can ask any questions you like in your email interactions. People love answering them. Give them the gift of allowing them to do so, and you’ll start to know them better than yourself. That’s when business will start to click for you too.


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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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