David Ogilvy’s Guide To Direct Response Advertising Part 4

Element 4 in Ogilvy’s direct response ad to get more business is similar to element 3 in that it promises to explain how to get localised leads, but without the actual “how to”.

Well, that’s not strictly true, what it says is this: 1) use direct response ads to get leads, 2) store them in a computer database, 3) run an algorithmic based programme to pull out the right leads.

Or, instead of doing all that complicated stuff, why not give Ogilvy & Mather a call and they’ll do it all for you. Nice.

If you read modern takes on this method, you’ll be told to tell the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ but not the ‘how’ (because the how is the value), but Ogilvy was way ahead of the internet marketing brigade.

He went straight for the how, but left out the nuts and bolts. That’s how to be direct without giving away all the silver. In short, the model is this: “How to… Contact us”. Throw in some proof and add a brief outline and you’re more or less there.

Ogilvy chucked in proof everywhere of course. He knew nothing sold without it. He also used implied proof, one example of which were his full page ads in the most prestigious newspapers of the day.

Villains do it too, the only difference is that, well, they’re villains, so they fake it. The internet marketing industry is full of them. Flash cars, flash mansions, and flash cash, with the promise of the same to anyone willing to give them, oh, wait, cash.

PS. If you have no proof of your abilities and you’re wondering how you can copy Ogilvy and create an amazing empire that continues to thrive long after your death, there is only one way – do the work  – read and write every day until you start to feel confident in your abilities, then go help a local business. The rest will follow.


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