David Ogilvy’s Guide To Direct Response Advertising Part 5

In my 38 elements series (part 12), I talked about alignment and how important it was, here it is again in this new series, but with a different angle.

We all know about touch points (the more times someone sees something, the more familiar it becomes), but we rarely (if ever?) talk about what might be called simultaneous touch points.

Ogilvy reported that his agency’s direct response TV adverts worked wonders for American Express – bringing in “tens of thousands of applications” (if you were after leads, this would certainly get your attention), but it wasn’t just the TV ads on their own that produced those results.

He synchronised them with direct response mail campaigns. We might call this “two touchpoints” (which is right), but it would miss the point. What he taught us is that if we want amazing results, we need to attack our target in multiple ways simultaneously.

You might think that retargeting and remarketing is the same thing, but there are two major differences. The first is that retargeting uses a single channel, the second is that very little research is done (other than relying on stats from the platforms).

When you put all of Ogilvy’s advice together (especially if you read it all in a single ad after getting something in the post to let you know where to read the ad), you soon realise you’re dealing with a pro.

Do what Ogilvy did, and you have the ingredients to create a mega agency. Of course, you need to read between the lines, but that’s where this series comes in. Grab it and fly (and let me know how you get on).


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