Derek Sivers – Anything You Want – Summary – Part 2 [Starting a Business]

Continuing on our journey into Derek Sivers’ phenomenal book Anything You Want, here’s the premise for each of the chapter’s 11 to 20:

11. Start now. No funding needed: It doesn’t matter what business you want to be in, you don’t need money to start it.

12. Ideas are just a multiplier of execution: An idea is worth pennies. Execution is worth millions. E.g. a brilliant idea is worth $20. A brilliant execution is worth $10,000,000. A brilliant idea brilliantly executed is worth $200,000,000. A brilliant idea badly with no execution is worth $20.

13. Formalities play on fear. Bravely refuse: Don’t let the leeches suck your profits with their “must have” demands based on fear. Derek says you don’t need insurance, terms and conditions, or any of the other legal paraphernalia most corporates have.

14. The strength of many little customers: Lots of small customers are worth considerably more than one large customer. There are numerous reasons, but top of my list is freedom from being dictated to.

15. Proudly exclude people: Stick with your principles. If you decide to only deal with certain people, ensure you stay that way. You’ll deliver a considerably better service and get better recommendations too. That’s what I do with the Science of Copywriting despite continuous offers to sell it or corrupt it in other ways.

16. Why no advertising? In a perfect world, would you allow your website to be covered with advertising?

17. This is just one of many options: Go mad with your business plan. If you set a margin of 10% profit, how would it look and what would you have to do if you made it 1000%?

18. You don’t need a plan or a vision: The more you plan for the future, the less time you have to make it work now.

19. I miss the mob: The mafia is only concerned with two things: money in and money out. You don’t need an MBA to start and run a business.

20. How do you grade yourself? Value yourself on the things you do best so you stay focused on only those things.

Did any of these ring a bell with you? Let me know in the comments. Part 3 is here.


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