How To Create A Copywriting Agency Part 2

In part 1, I asked the question: “who are your customers?”. Remember, the point of this series is to create a copywriting agency. To do that successfully, it needs to make money. To make money it needs to find customers who have money.

The problem is, most people starting out in business (any business) don’t think this way. They don’t care who their customers are – just so long as they get some.

There are multiple problems with this approach. Here’s two of them:

1) You’ll have no idea how to approach them (because you don’t know who they are)

2) You’ll have no idea if they’ll pay you (because you don’t know who they are)

So our task in part 1 becomes a little simpler:

1) Find prospects who have money

2) Research them

It’s the same research we do as copywriters. Start with the journalists’ code: ask who, what, why, how, where, and when:

Who has money?

What do they do?

Why do they do it?

How do they do it?

Where are they?

What’s their problem?

When will I contact them?

There’s another problem though. They’re not going to tell us their problem (at least not right off the bat). It takes time and a great deal of trust for any of us to reveal our problems to strangers.

Plus, as far as they’re concerned, they may not have a problem at all. But you can count on one thing – they do have one – and it’s a problem your agency can solve.

How do I know? If they’re successful (and that’s part of your remit for finding good customers), they will be using words everywhere to maintain and grow their market share.

Why are they doing that? Because, like most successful companies, they only have one thing on their mind: winning.

But winning implies competition. And if there’s competition then there’s a constant and present danger of losing.

That’s an ongoing problem for any business, but happily, it’s one we can solve.

As a new agency though, we also have a problem. It’s called CREDIBILITY. So we’ll take care of that in part 3.

PS. If you’ve ever had self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or even writer’s block, part 3 will solve it for you once and for all (and it has nothing to do with mindset).



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