How To Create A Copywriting Agency Part 3

In part 1 we established two things: a) think big from day one, and b) choose wealthy clients.

In part 2 we established the need for research (so we know who we’re selling to) and asked the most important questions to help us do that.

But all of this counts for nothing if we have no credibility.

You may have just started and have no idea what to do next, or you’ve been going for a while but have very little to show for it. Or perhaps you’ve been a freelancer for years and are stuck on a pay-per-word model.

Whatever the reason, you need to get some credibility, and you need to do it fast (no one I know wants to go through years of slog slowly building up a business with no guarantee of success let alone getting past the most basic of incomes).

Before we figure that out, it’s worth reminding ourselves how some of us tackle it.

The most common way is to “fake it till you make it”. But that just induces and amplifies self-doubt – even though the idea of pretending we’re something we’re not is highly tempting (particularly when we’re desperate).

Does it work? Of course. People are conning people all the time, but the easiest con of all is to con ourselves. Do we need to do it? HELL NO. Is it bad to do it? That depends on whether we’re sociopathic. Is it fun to do? Of course. Do we get satisfaction from it? Rarely.

So what’s the point of all this preamble? To bring awareness of the difference between failure and success. Success is building a copywriting agency of value that makes us as much money as we need and can be grown as large as we want.

Failure is not getting that.

Which brings us to the point. How do we get credibility when we have none?

We stand on the shoulders of giants. As an agency owner, we need to work on the business not in it (as Michael Gerber so eloquently put it in The EMyth).

Look at any credible business. What do they have? Credible workers. So that’s where we start. We need to build a team of people who have all the skills and experiences we need so we can show our prospects they’re hiring the best.

But what if we have no money? Not a problem.



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