How To Create A Copywriting Agency Part 5

If you haven’t read parts 1 to 4, please do so before continuing with this series on creating a copywriting agency (you’ll get a lot more value from it). Here’s the link to part 1:

This is what we know so far:

1) If you want to create money you need to find the people who have it (and yes, some people have money, and some people don’t, it’s not a so-called ‘mindset abundance’ thing – with humble apologies to all the guru abundance people out there who believe it is).

2) The people who have the money play in the big league. This has always been the case (this is from a business perspective – we’re not targeting people who don’t play business).

3) If you want to create a successful copywriting agency, you need to think big from the start (read on).

4) You cannot do this on your own. You’ll need help from other players, not just any other players, but established players with connections (your credibility depends on it).

Before we go on, we need to get clear on this abundance thing. In our world, everything observable is finite. There is no perpetual motion let alone an unending increase in matter (matter might be people, money, housing, planets, galaxies, universes etc.).

Some things are in their growing stage, others are in decline. Everything observable goes into decline at some point. Understand this and everything becomes simpler (there are no magic bullets, unicorns, or father christmases – they’re all sales gimmicks used by tricksters – with apologies to my pet donkey who still believes in the carrot fairy – I’m sorry Rolly, it’s actually just me).

The global money supply is currently increasing and shows no signs of decline yet (nor is it likely to during any of our lifetimes). That is the only abundance we can be certain of right now.

Our job is to grab as much of it as we can (because our mission is to grow a successful copywriting agency).

Our mission is not to “serve 1 million people” or “make the world a better place” or “find our divine purpose”. It’s to create a profitable growing business (there’s nothing wrong with any of those things, we’re just not focusing on them right now).

All the above is about MINDSET. Mindset is not magical, and it’s not something we need to pay thousands of dollars for to learn. It simply means focus on one thing.

Right now, that thing is to find our team. Our team will consist of professional copywriters (a professional copywriter is anyone who has been paid to deliver copy).

We’re looking for people who have not only done it, but are still doing it, not “fake it till you make it” people (see part 3).

Our next job – once we’ve found some suitable candidates, is to get them to agree to join our agency. To make that happen, we need to create an OFFER.

Being copywriters, that should be the easy part right? How to craft a great offer. That’s where we’ll go in part 6 below.


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