How To Create A Copywriting Agency Part 7

Have you figured out your purpose yet? This is part 7 of my How To Create A Copywriting Agency series and we’re now into building your agency team.

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Most of us struggle with finding our purpose in life. If you’ve read any of the self-help books, you’ll come away thinking there must be something super special you’re missing out on.

It becomes a worry over time, and we continue searching in vain. This is where the first of my four fundamental rules of life can help: 1) Never assume.

Assumptions are shortcuts designed by nature to help us navigate life more easily by reducing our energy consumption.

When we assume, we do less work. Sometimes this is great, but many times it isn’t. For example, assuming the sun will come up in the morning is great. But assuming we will become successful (and worrying about it) is not.

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a purpose, then make it this: “My purpose is to build a copywriting agency”. That’s all you need to do. Next, you need to define what a copywriting agency looks like to you.

This is your vision (the V in the PMV framework – see part 5). If you’re not clear on your vision (of what your successful agency looks like), make it simple (“my agency has 10 pro copywriters servicing companies in the xyz niche”).

With that done, you just need to define your mission. This is another sticking point for most of us. A mission to “influence a million people around the world” is fine and dandy but absolutely useless to us.

On the other hand, a mission to “find businesses in my chosen niche and contact them” is simple, measurable, and doable. It doesn’t guarantee success (nothing does), but without it, you’ll never know what you’re up against.

However, before you do that, you need to build your team. So for now, your first mission is: “build a team of copywriters”.

We already started that process in part 5, but now you have a simple framework to follow to get it done. That’s the point of PMV.

Write that mission down, put it in a prominent place so you never forget it until it’s been achieved, add calendar entries to help you schedule the work, then move on to the next mission in the journey towards your vision.

More on that in part 8.

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