How To Create A Copywriting Agency Part 9

Building a team of players takes time (everything does), but the results will be spectacular if you do it well.

Every person on your team is also an ambassador for the team. It’s the team spirit that drives an agency upwards.

This is true for any enterprise (the best rules of thumb work everywhere).

Every team is led, but not in the way most of us think. We’re brought up by parents and teachers to believe in order. We’re taught to respect our elders.

In short, we’re taught to respect authority. But that respect is forced on us regardless of whether that authority is worth respecting. The best of us understand this and fight against it.

That’s how the best teams are formed. Total respect for the best in all of us. This is how your team must be led.

It also acts as your line in the sand. Your future customers and clients will see and understand why they need you because of the respect they have for you – all garnered from the words and actions you and your team put out to the world.

This all sounds rather philosophical, and I guess it is. But if you fail to build a team with this in mind, it will be forced, and force always breaks down (the more the force, the higher the resistance).

I’m not talking about being passive though. Unless we go out, select the people we want to work with, and make contact with them, our agency will not grow (it’s the same with any business).

So the first task, having put together a team of copywriters who all understand your vision and want to be a part of it, is to draw up a list of who you’re going to serve.

This is the easy part. Every member of the team understands their own strengths and niche. They already know who to target (or have a very good idea).

But the real strength comes from the team as a whole, and working together on campaigns is how this is done. Don’t worry about disagreements, once the vision is understood, everyone will be on the same page (remove those who are not).

Opinions are only opinions (all disagreements are opinions), the test comes when campaigns are deployed. That’s when the tweaking is done (and the arguments/opinions, if there are any, stop).

In my days running Accountz, we had many teams approach us with pitches. Some we reached out to, others came in unsolicited.

We worked with a number of teams, but the best of them had all the above points in common. They worked as one. Open-minded.

We already knew that most campaigns would fail (this is a simple fact of life that, like everything else, also applies to every business).

The problem with attracting and converting prospects are the lies and false promises made by others. We’ll move on to that next.


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