How To Find Your Niche Or Passion When You Don’t Have One Part 1 [Copywriting Know-how]

They say to find a niche, find your passion. But do you have a passion? Most people don’t. Or at least, they don’t have one particular thing they’ve been addicted to their entire life (this is what most people who talk about finding your passion assume we all have).

The reason for the assumption is simple. When you have a passion, something you just cannot stop doing no matter what, it’s hard to see the world through any other eyes. Most of us operate like that – i.e. we only see the world through our own eyes (one could argue: what other way is there? – which only highlights the problem further).

It’s also the reason why bad things happen in the world. “Seeing eye to eye” or “walking in someone else’s shoes” is easy to say, but impossible to understand if we don’t have the one virtue that makes it possible – empathy (or even sympathy come to that).

When we’re told to pick a niche we’re passionate about, and still find ourselves stuck, it’s a sign we’re going about it the wrong way. This is a good thing to know because it stops us wasting any more time on an impossible mission.

Most copywriters start that way. They’re told to pick a niche, find it impossible, then either give up, or just go with whatever work they can get.

One of the answers in this year’s Science of Copywriting Copywriting Problems Survey is this: “Writing copy for something I don’t believe in”. I’ve been there myself. Sometimes we get an offer for work that pays so well, it’s hard to resist (or that pays enough to keep the wolves from the door), so we grab it, start researching it, and end up hating it.

So this week is about finding a niche you can be comfortable with AND get work from. Part 2 is here, meanwhile, let me know in the comments if you have a passion and what that passion is (or join the discussion in our active Facebook Science of Copywriting group here).


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