How to get more clients (or even your first) to grow your copywriting business

Getting your first client is one thing, getting a bunch more is quite another, yet big business does it all the time.

What do they do that we don’t? Well, for one, they’re established. And for another they have a large marketing budget (in other words, credibility and money).

Real credibility comes from one source only – work. The more we work and advertise the fact (especially, our best results), the greater our credibility.

The reason is proof – proof it can be done, proof we’re doing it.

There are other ways of gaining credibility but they’re almost always cheap tricks (celebrity endorsements, masses of followers, faking it till we make it). They can also impinge on our credibility in the future.

The more work we do, the greater our credibility (“Established in such and such a year” still has weight, not as much as it used to, but it’s a real trust sign).

And the more we work, the more money we get (credibility and money).

But the real point of work is this: it’s the only thing (from a business point of view) that brings us satisfaction. The trick, if there is one, is to change our mental attitude to ‘work’ by calling it ‘play’ instead.

So what are you going to play today? Finding your first client? Using the credibility of your first client, to get your second? Finding someone to help you play bigger?

The great thing about play is you get to choose, and choice is freedom. Isn’t that what we want after all?

PS. Want more ways to get clients? Here’s more help from the Science of Copywriting search tool:



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