How To Get New Customers For Your Copywriting Business

Here’s a question: “How do I get customers?”

Since you have no control over getting customers (without a gun to someone’s head you can’t force anyone to become a customer), so start by reversing the question: “how come I DON’T get customers?”

Reason 1. No clarity. There are fundamental problems with your writing. Sloppy, badly written, full of typos, grammatical errors, big words, hyperbole (a great example of a big word).

Reason 2. No audience. You haven’t selected an audience. Audiences work on scales. The easiest is an audience of one. The hardest is an audience of everyone.

Reason 3. No offer. Your audience can’t figure out what you’re selling. So they don’t know why they should want it, and even if they did, they don’t know why they should want it now.

You have control of all three reasons. That means you can fix them. And that means you’re starting from a better place. Now you can start tweaking until you get the result you’re after.

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