What’s the top question all new copywriters ask: how do I get clients?

Since we have no control over getting clients (other than a gun to the head – best avoided obviously), reverse the question and ask this instead: “How come I DON’T get clients?”

Here’s the result:

Reason 1. No clarity. There are fundamental problems with our sales copy. Sloppy, badly written, full of typos, grammatical errors, big words, stuffed with hyperbole (not all of it, but even some of it won’t help).

Reason 2. No audience. We haven’t selected an audience. Audiences work on scales. The easiest is an audience of one. The hardest is an audience of everyone.

Reason 3. No offer. Our audience can’t figure out what we’re selling because it doesn’t solve their problem.

Fix those and you’ll know who you’re selling to (reason #2), you’ll know what their problem is (reason #3), and you’ll be able to improve your copy (reason #1).

Audience > Offer > Clarity

Now you just have to find out where these people are and dangle your offer in front of them (you’ll find plenty about that if you search through the Science of Copywriting archives).


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