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Crazy Copywriting World

Because of the way we’re conditioned when young, most of us have a fear of authority (we’re told it’s respect, but this gives respect a bad name). As a result, we are more or less born with fear in our hearts. It’s not surprising then, when the day comes we decide to branch out, we […]

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Copy and Copywriting

What’s the difference between pretentious and good copy? Adverbs (and equally bad adjectives). Yet sometimes, the right adverb or adjective makes all the difference (reread the second sentence above). The right adverb bypasses the gatekeeper and sneaks in without a whimper. The right adjectives do too. What makes them right? When there’s no better choice. […]

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Compassion and Copywriting

To the stoics, being grateful was, perhaps, the greatest virtue. When you’re grateful for everything, you lose all hate and anger. This makes it the simplest skill to master if you want to control your emotions (by far the most important). When you become grateful you no longer blame people. You see those that do […]

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Getting Attention – Copywriting

Surprising? That’s what you want from your copy. Right from the start. If marketing could be described in a single word, it would be Attention. Attention is expensive. It’s always been expensive and we all want it. Richard Branson knew this when he launched Virgin. Did he go down the conventional route? Of course not. […]

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