A Copywriters Guide To Myths And Legends In The Internet Marketing Industry Part 1

This week we’re looking at the many myths and legends surrounding copywriting and copywriters, so let’s kick it off today with how much you can earn.

How about 6 figures? It’s a common enough claim, but is it possible? Before we go down that path, here’s a simple question: what’s so magical about “6 figures” anyway?

The answer is: it’s the minimum possible amount that doesn’t sound pants. For example, 5 figures might be only $10k (which would be fantastic if you could live off that for a year and still have time to do other things).

It’s also the minimum possible amount that both sounds good (no matter where you live) and is also just about doable (around 9% of Americans earn 6 figures or more, and 5% of Brits).

A 6 figure income (e.g., $100k before tax and expenses) is a small fortune for the 99.1% of the world who are not millionaires (oh, and by the way, the 0.9% who are millionaires own 50% of the world’s wealth – makes you think, right?).

So is it possible? Hell yeah. Is it possible for anyone to do it? Hell yeah? Could someone who is asking the question do it? Probably not. Why? Because they’re lacking confidence.

They don’t believe it’s possible despite the evidence (the evidence being that something like 200 million people earn 6 figures, so you can pretty much guarantee that some of those are copywriters).

Don’t let the mathematics fool you though. Copywriting supremo masterboss David Ogilvy earned the equivalent of billions in the 1960s. That’s all you need to know to start believing a 6 figure salary is possible.
So how does that even happen? Read part 2 here.

PS. If you’ve hit the 6 figure mark already, let everyone know in the comments. It will help (and you’re bragging rights will be fully and gratefully celebrated).


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