A Copywriters Guide To Myths And Legends In The Internet Marketing Industry Part 2

Before we move on to part 2, I want to clear something up about part 1. If you’ve been following the Internet Marketing (IM) industry for any length of time, and in particular, the sharks and villains out there doing their best to snare you into parting with large sums of cash for promises of riches (e.g., “become a 6 or 7 figure copywriter”), know that for every 1,000 people, only a couple *may* make it, and if they do, it won’t be for 7 figures and it certainly won’t be achieved in “30 days” or whatever is being promised).

OK. I don’t know exactly how many achieve what has been promised, or if those trying to sell the stuff even earn a living from the huge number of schemes and phony claims out there, but I do know one thing. Only a few of the cheating, lying, scammy brigade peddling this stuff ever make any money from it.

Just like the millionaire and billionaire figures quoted in part 1, the facts speak for themselves. Only a tiny proportion of any group of people become rich. Only a tiny proportion of villains make it. Only a tiny proportion of the world become Nobel prize winners etc. etc.

There are 3 ways to achieve what we want:

1) Tell it like it is (these are the heroes of the world)

2) Lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top (these are the villains of the world)3) Do both (that’s around 99.99% of us)

In reality, we’re all at varying shades between 1 and 2, although I like to think I’m getting closer to 1, but I have skeletons in my closet too (sorry if that upsets anyone).

One way I try to get closer to number 1 is to fight the villains by calling out their scams, and that is why this mini series was created.

The easiest way to scale a business is to build a sales force. But you’ll also need to scale your workforce if you want to fulfil your sales forces’ promises (as many businesses have discovered to their cost).

If you don’t build a workforce to match the efforts of your sales teams, you’ll get a production bottleneck. But if you’re a savvy business person, you’ll find a way to circumvent that at less cost, and one way to do it is to build products that “build” themselves (i.e., build a product that can be duplicated without a workforce).

That’s what the IM industry is all about. Scale at minimum cost. That’s what the passive income brigade is all about. And that’s what all MLM schemes are about too (only in the case of MLM, you let the workforce pay the costs and scale themselves with minimum intervention).

So what has all this got to do with becoming a 6 figure copywriter? Two things. First, you need to know that it IS actually possible (they do exist – and some are in the Science of Copywriting group). Second, it’s not something you’ll learn to do in any course. You may get a bundle of blueprints, templates, and other bits and bobs of advice (and some from meaningful people), but you’ll not achieve it without a plan devised by you based on your experiments and carried out day after day until you make it or die trying.

The plan doesn’t have to be some detailed spreadsheet or state of the union address, it can be as simple as the following three word strategy: “do the work”, but whatever it is, it has to be done consistently every day.

Telling it like it is is not sexy. It doesn’t get our juices boiling. It doesn’t sell a million products. But it sure as hell gets things done. And it gets them done for the right reason – satisfaction, which is all any of us are after when you think about it.

But there’s one more thing (continue to part 3). Till then, let me know what you think about internet marketing (or your experiences of it) in the comments.

PS. There is nothing wrong with scaling and reducing costs (the software industry is a prime example), but only when done without becoming a villain in the process (or dissatisfaction, frustration, and fear follows – and enough becomes never enough).


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