All You Need To Know About Triggers Part 1 [Copywriting Guides]

Copywriters talk about triggers as some kind of silver bullet. This makes sense as we’re all looking for hope, and if someone comes up with something new that gives us hope, we’re going to want it.

So what is a trigger anyway? The dictionary says it’s a device that causes something to happen – who wouldn’t want one of those then (the hope I get from that simple description is a trigger in itself).

The problem for most copywriters (and most humans) when it comes to taking action (ie. being triggered) is focus. Our focus is on our prospects (which is right) but from the perspective of what they can do for us, which is wrong (and why we mostly fail).

We also focus on a single trigger – we look at one aspect of something and forget about the big picture (see my recent series on mood and the right brain). We think if we increase traffic we get more business, or if we lower the cost of clicks, our ads will somehow become more profitable.

We overlook the total effect of our actions and then wonder why we didn’t get what we wanted (even if the trigger worked).

So that’s the subject of this week’s mini series. Triggers and everything you wanted to know. Part 2 is here.



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