Awareness Levels In Copywriting

Prospect awareness is a big deal for copywriters. If your prospect is completely unaware of what you’re trying to sell, well, good luck with that.

On the other hand, if your prospect knows you and your product as well as your competitors’ and their competing products, and they TRUST you, it’s easy peasy to make the sale. All you need do is let them know why they should buy it from you and not someone else.

That’s a perfect example of low hanging fruit. Easy pickings.

But what about everything in between?

Let’s start with trust. If there’s zero trust (because they don’t know who you are), you’ll need to develop that along the way.

If they’ve heard of you in a good way, that’s step 1 of trust dealt with and they’ll be happy to hear more about what you’ve got.

If they like what they hear, then they’ll probably check out the product a little further (eg. read more of your sales copy).

If they still like it, they might decide to check you out (which is why mini bio’s are often included in copy), or they might have a question about the product you haven’t yet answered. That’s a signal to add some proof or tell them about the feature and benefit you’ve been saving up for exactly this moment.

At this point, they may wonder who else is using it (that’s the time to insert a testimonial).

And if they’re getting hooked, they’ll also be thinking about the price. That’s a strong suggestion for you to price anchor them.

And so it continues on to the call to action. If they stop at any point, it’s either because your copy got boring, lost their trust, or they realised it wasn’t for them (if they don’t get past the headline or first paragraph, then they were never your target audience in the first place).

Think about these things when you next write some copy.

PS. How do you know where the sticking points are? Hook up your sales copy with a scroll tracker (I use mouseflow, but there are plenty of others). You won’t know why they hung around certain areas of your copy, but at least you have an idea where to look, and having fixed it, you can send more traffic and see if it improves (don’t forget to start the tracker off from scratch again though).


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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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