Build Desire Through Enhancement. Sell More. [Copywriting Tips]

On Monday I talked about Vision (read that first here before continuing). Vision creates or enhances desire, and without desire, nothing gets bought.

Whilst step 1 is creating desire through vision, step 2 is building that desire through enhancement, and one way to enhance desire is to add benefits.

There’s a colour in the UK called British Racing Green. Jaguar has a long history of motor racing, and as a kid I played a lot of Scalextric, so although I had forgotten about it, once I saw a green S Type Jag, it all came flooding back and my desire went through the roof (I went out and bought the first green S Type I could find).

Think about desire building benefits all the time. Train your brain to spot them or create them as a matter of everyday life. It will do wonders for your copy and creativity (and whilst you’re at it, don’t forget you can join me in the ICA for mentoring and weekly tasks to help build those skills:

PS. There’s another way to build desire coming. Read it in part 3 here (extra bonus points if you can guess what it is first).



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