Build Desire Through Futurescaping. Sell More. [Copywriting Tips]

In the first part I talked about vision, and followed that in part 2 about enhancing desire using benefits. Today we’ll look at doing the same thing with futurescaping.

The PS from Wednesday’s post was an example. The idea is simple – get the reader’s brain to work. Make it active instead of passive. Get them involved in the action, and even better, second guessing what’s to come (foreshadowing).

We started with the desire for a Jaguar, then enhanced it with the notion of colour. Now imagine what it would feel like to sit behind the wheel and hear the 4.2 litre Supercharged V8 engine roar into life as you turn the ignition for the first time.

Imagine turning up to work and seeing the looks of envy on people’s faces. Or turning up at the golf club, restaurant, or yacht club (although a Bentley or Ferrari might be more appropriate for the latter).

Any decent car dealer knows this technique inside out. Get the customer to sit in the car and feel what it would be like to own it. Then take it for a test drive to feel the power and luxury of something they’ve always dreamt about owning.

It doesn’t matter if any of the above had no effect on you (or turned you off), if this was a real ad for a client, I’d only want to attract people with a strong desire to own a Jag. Everyone else would be a waste of advertising dollars.

That last paragraph is important. Every pitch you ever do must be aimed at the prospect’s desires. If you don’t know their desires, you’re going to fail, but when you get it right, and you explain how carefully you’re going to look after them (by not wasting their money), they’ll appreciate you a whole lot more and with any luck, you’ll win their business.

PS. There’s another thing you need to know about vision and desire when it comes to selling. Read part 4 here:


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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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