Can You Really Become An 8 Figure Copywriter? [Copy Myths Exposed]

I find it incredible that well known names in the Internet Marketing world are still dishing out tat in the name of making 6, 7, or 8 figures.

Actually, I don’t find it incredible. It’s a simple thing to do and the easiest way to make money on the planet*

Just make a ridiculous claim and get a shed load of “friends” to back it up with fake proof (or anything else they can dream of) and we fall for it like flies (yes, these people do make millions – but only a handful of them, and not out of what they’re actually selling).

Part of the framework is to honour all refunds. By doing this, your reputation stays more or less intact.

And if you fail, well, that’s not their fault because they can’t control how you “run your business”, and besides “everyone else is making it work”.

It’s all about the offer. Get the offer right, and it works. Get it wrong and the price becomes irrelevant (you can’t even give it away).

So what is a good offer? A good offer induces excitement, and excitement induces attention. And it’s that attention we’re after. The problem is, attention also means scrutiny, and that’s where logic comes in and ruins fake deals.

We’re very quick to make judgements on things that are not quite believable, so the villains of this world try to keep attention at bay and excitement at the forefront (ask any dubious market trader).

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll see there are two types of attention. The first attracts us to something, the second keeps us there.

Skilled copywriters control these two aspects. The headline is the attractor (that gets our attention). The big idea is the exciter (that keeps our attention).

When you get those two things right, you don’t need to be a villain and sell shabby goods, you can be a hero and join the ranks of professional copywriters who sell real things to people who need them. That’s how you build a solid business.

PS. *When I say making money is the easiest thing to do, I mean it’s easy if you have no ethics and are prepared to lie, cheat, and steal your way to riches. Otherwise, it’s a long hard slog (but the payoff and satisfaction is more than worth it).

PPS. This article first appeared in the Science of Copywriting Facebook group. If you’re a copywriter or want to know more about writing great (and ethical) sales copy, start here: #copywriters #copywriting


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