Clarity is King: How to Speak in Public the same way you Write amazing Copy

Everything in life has a pattern (because patterns are more efficient than no pattern). And efficiency is necessary for conserving the second most important attribution of human life – energy.

The irony is that Nature apparently uses the randomness of genetic mutation to select winners. But that right there is also a pattern, and I guess the most efficient pattern to date.

It’s the same with copy. We develop patterns of writing that become our own. That’s what voice is all about in copy. The more we write, the more we develop our voice (just as it does when speaking).

What’s always intrigued me is the difference between the two (speaking and writing). If writing is my ‘voice’, then how does it compare to my actual voice?

I believe that when I have this perfected, they will align seamlessly. Part of the proof can be seen every day on the news. We’re fooled by the newsreader’s autocue.

The same thing with speakers who use those awful glass autocues (and who move their heads left, right, then middle in the pretense that they’re addressing the audience).

Great actors do it perfectly. All scripted. All brilliantly performed.

The fear though, is that we become some kind of autobot trying to meld writing and talking into a single thing. Moving our heads randomly from side to side, raising and lowering our pitch, speed, and volume according to some unseen ticker tape pattern book.

And yet that is exactly how to learn to speak in public (know exactly what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it before you say it – just as we do when we’re happy with the final edit of any piece).

PS. This was quite a ramble. It’s more or less how I speak. Going from one idea to the next, and sometimes connecting the beginning with the end. What’s changed for me is not getting lost so often. And that’s down to one thing – being more relaxed about life than ever before. It’s the same with great public speaking. Relax and your clarity will be king.


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