Compassion and Copywriting

To the stoics, being grateful was, perhaps, the greatest virtue. When you’re grateful for everything, you lose all hate and anger.

This makes it the simplest skill to master if you want to control your emotions (by far the most important).

When you become grateful you no longer blame people. You see those that do evil with a compassionate eye. You see those that you believe to be stupid with a compassionate eye.

You start taking full responsibility for your circumstances and life. It’s the ultimate power.

Anyone can do it starting right now. But when we do, we’re also starting the hardest fight there is. Behavioural change.

Going from hate to grateful is a massive leap. We’ve almost all been conditioned from birth to blame people, places and things for our woes.

But that’s all it is. Conditioning. Are you happy to be conditioned by other people, or do you want your life back? It’s a choice (like all freedoms).

Now place your copywriter lens on the end of your nose. To convince anyone to buy what you sell, you must also start with compassion. Compassion is the path.


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