Copywriters And Swipe Files – What You Need To Know

I’m often asked where sales copy examples can be found, and whilst most people suggest sites like etc., the real answer is they can be found everywhere.

The reason people ask is because sales copy has a mystical quality about it. If it’s possible to write a single sales letter that makes multi-millions then there MUST be a secret to it that only the very top elite know.

And so we go in search of that holy grail of riches.

But there’s another reason we do it. It’s in the nature of internet marketers to write as persuasively as possible. And there are a great many internet marketers who, quite frankly, don’t give a monkey’s whether their copy is honest.

You can tell them immediately because they all claim the same thing “Sign up here and you too can become a 6, 7, or 8 figure copywriter and get filthy rich. And if we don’t deliver, you get all your money back – WE take all the risk.” – Really? (no of course not, there is no risk, you pay the money and when you fail to become an 8 figure copywriter, you’ve forgotten all about claiming your money back).

I know that’s a little over the top, but you know what I mean.

So it’s not surprising that we start to believe it (I mean, these guys are doing it, aren’t they?).

The real answer to successful copy can be found in every honest ad that runs in mainstream media. Every successful company has successful copy you can view any time you want by searching the net for any product you fancy.

Next time you’re visiting a prospective client. Find out who their main competitor is, research their copy, then pitch them based on the simple fact you can write better copy (assuming you can of course – find out more about ethics here).


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