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Because of the way we’re conditioned when young, most of us have a fear of authority (we’re told it’s respect, but this gives respect a bad name).

As a result, we are more or less born with fear in our hearts. It’s not surprising then, when the day comes we decide to branch out, we discover it’s not quite so simple.

We were taught there are laws and that to disobey those laws has consequences. They might be the laws of business, politics or ethics, but whatever they are, they carry a high degree of risk and pain if ignored or broken.

Our friends and family don’t always look kindly upon us either. They think of it as protection, but often that protection is of themselves (they don’t like change – especially of people they love, anymore than anyone else does).

And it’s the same reason. The status quo must be protected at all times. Anything else spells trouble (or the threat of).

Yet nothing any good ever happened from doing nothing. The most surprising innovations, inventions and achievements came through breaking rules (on purpose or by accident).

It’s only when you come to realise that all rules were created by mankind that you understand how your freedoms have been curbed.

There are two ideas at play here. Static and Dynamic. Humans invented contradiction along with rules. We hate change. We love change. We love static. We love dynamic. We love the status quo, but we also harbour longing for the revolution (whatever revolution it is that we feel will change the world for the better).

Whatever it is we’re selling as copywriters must be sold carefully in respect of the above. It we want change, we must make that change worthwhile. Changing from a PC to Apple was a big deal back in the day. You had to embrace different if you wanted it. Apple had to show you why and how.

They even penned a poem about it “Here’s To The Crazy Ones”. Writing good copy is far more than stating something is great. It’s stating why it’s great and why that greatness is something worth fighting for.


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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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