Fools Know The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing [Copywriting Tips]

If you’re talking with a prospect and the first thing they ask is your price, it’s very unlikely to end well unless you’re selling a commodity at below commodity prices.

Years ago I ran a pay per click advertising campaign for a colleague and their first question to me was “how much is this going to cost?”. I knew I was flogging a dead horse from that point onwards (and sure as eggs is eggs, the campaign was cancelled before any meaningful data could be retrieved).

This happened again years later with a client. Same thing, although they did invest more money.

It seems obvious you’d want to pull a failing campaign, yet both campaigns had broken even by the time they were pulled (“what’s the point of breaking even?” was the objection).

If someone asks you how much you charge, don’t tell them. Explain that you need to know what they want, how quickly they want it done, what sort of return they’re looking for, and how much budget they’ve got including their margins BEFORE you ever get to talk about the cost.

If they have no idea what you’re talking about, explain they have two choices: a) you can teach them (for which you’ll make a small charge), or b) they can look for someone else.

I’ve always found that doing that was a hard decision to make because my natural character wants to help people. I have devoted hours to individual prospects this way. They walk away with new knowledge (and the same internal problem that “price is more important than value”), and I walk away satisfied with my teaching, but penniless.

This sounds like a moan (and it is), but it’s really just another lesson in business. When you understand value, price is irrelevant.

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