For The Love Of Money (and Copywriting)

The two most important things human beings believe they need are:

1) Money

2) Love

I’ve put them that way round for this reason: if we have money, next up is love, but if we have love, money is not necessarily next.

Ask yourself a couple of questions: how often per day do you think about money? (be honest with yourself), and secondly, how often per day do you think about love? (ie. having someone you deeply trust and love close to you).

If neither resonate with you, there’s a good chance you have what you need. But if they do, then welcome to the world. You are not alone.

Job satisfaction in developed countries is around 60% (57% in the UK). That means 4 out of every 10 people would love to change their job or situation. To rephrase it, job dissatisfaction is 40%.

If it’s so bad, why don’t people quit? Because… money.

Let’s look at love. Divorce rates globally are around 6%. In the USA it’s 11% (17% for those on lower incomes). The USA is an extreme only beaten by Russia at 19%.

But that’s miles away from job dissatisfaction (or “I do it because I need the money”).

From this, it’s easy to determine why money (and its implications) matter when writing copy (and I don’t just mean getting paid for your work). Give some thought to money and how it motivates with every bit of copy you write.

PS. Money is not the real motivator of course, it’s what we believe it will do for us, but to get those answers, we start with money as our first thought.

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