Getting Attention – Copywriting

Surprising? That’s what you want from your copy. Right from the start. If marketing could be described in a single word, it would be Attention.

Attention is expensive. It’s always been expensive and we all want it. Richard Branson knew this when he launched Virgin.

Did he go down the conventional route? Of course not. The conventional route is the most expensive of all. The conventional route requires no brain. Just follow along and make yours the top bid.

Do you stand out? Not really. Everyone expects surprising and they become blind using the usual channels.

Even if you create a hilarious ad, it makes people laugh, and a few will share it, but will they buy? Unlikely (if you make it a theme and do it continuously it might work).

So what do you do? Something really surprising (Google Branson’s outlandish marketing stunts).

As copywriters, it’s our job to help our clients come up with surprising things (even stunts need a script).

Start thinking this way and you’ll add value to what you do. Your clients always want better, be the one to offer it.

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