Have a Vision. Sell More. [Copywriting Tips]

Have a Vision. Sell More. [Copywriting Tips]

Years ago I experimented with a vision board. I made a list of what I wanted, then found pictures of all the items and ‘pinned’ them to a virtual board.

One of those items was an S Type Jaguar. I got one some years later (after I’d forgotten all about the vision board).

I’d set a vision in my mind of something I desired, and sure enough, it happened. There is nothing mystical about this. No SECRET. No law of attraction. Just desire.

The more I thought about an S Type, the more I wanted one (I also started seeing them everywhere).

Our job as copywriters is to create visions like that for our audience. We want them to picture what they COULD have. We want them to know what it feels like to own that thing we’re selling.

Keep that in mind when you write your next piece of copy.

PS. Part 2 of this continues here: https://scienceofcopywriting.com/copywriting/build-desire-through-enhancement-sell-more-copywriting-tips/

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