How Not To Suck Part 1 [Copywriting Guides]

There’s a fine line between winning and losing a prospect. I know because I’ve been over that line a hundred times. I’m still not convinced which side of the line is better, but I suspect it’s the ‘hardest’ side.

Here’s a snippet of a conversation I had with a 7 figure consultant in 2015. “your advice has helped a client of mine increase their average contract rate from £11k to £32k, I just wanted to say thank you.”.

He replied “You should join my Mentor Community and make the contracts $132,000”. I replied “I am edging her into the £100k mark slowly but surely.”. He replied “You’re edging and I’m propelling people. Seriously, that’s the problem.”.

I replied “Yes, I can see you’re right”, and he finished with “You’re not listening. Join my Mentor Community. You think too small.”.

I didn’t join, but I still know he’s right. Why? Because I set the scene. It was all about money and increasing it. If that’s the purpose, then why stop at 3x when you can 10x?

I didn’t join because I was the wrong prospect. I reached out to say thank you. He responded as any chancer would by pitching me. He knew if I didn’t respond that would be the end of it, And he was right. I’ve not heard from him since. Anything involving money is always a numbers game.

This week’s theme is how not to suck (both in life and writing). And part 1 is about bragging.

The Internet Marketing scene relies on bragging to make sales. Flashy cars, big houses, private jets, yachts, and skyscraper offices work best.

Piles of cash are also used, but the FTC and other internet police are putting a stop to it (slowly but surely).

On top of that, people are getting used to it, so those days are numbered.

Also, you’ll often see people brag in email sequences and webinars about how well they’re doing, but almost always with the caveat “I know this sounds like bragging, but it’s not meant to be…”.

Again, we’ve heard it all before, so its time is coming to an end. So why use bragging at all? It’s an association thing. “Who wouldn’t want to be a member of this club where everyone makes boat loads of money?”.

Many of the most affluent Internet Marketers still use it. I know because I have to ban affiliates and associates who spam the Science of Copywriting Jobs Board every day with this stuff.

To get a real handle on bragging, you only need turn to big business and look at how they advertise their products and services.

Assuming they’re making a profit, what are they saying about themselves and their businesses? Take the leading company from the FTSE100 (UK stock exchange): 3i Group:

The header features a yacht. The headline reads “Investing in the future”. This is how to brag without bragging. The bottom line is it’s still alive and well, just not quite so in your face.

In part 2 we’ll look further into bragging and how not to suck.



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