How NOT To Use Punctuation In Your Copy (for Copywriters)

This will make you believable! This will make you believable!!

See the problem? Even I’m surprised that whatever I’m about to say will make you believable.

Or: This will make you believable. No exclamation mark. Now it’s serious, no surprise.

Do you want to become a great copywriter?

Do you want to become a great copywriter!

Do you want to become a great copywriter.

Those little marks we stick at the end of sentences carry great meaning. Are we really questioning, or is it a rhetorical or cynical question?

The idea of not putting a question mark at the end of a sentence adds gravity to that sentence. It turns it from a question to an authority statement – it’s an example of rhetoric.

Do we think our readers will be genuinely surprised when we add an exclamation mark – or is it just us?

Most people add exclamation marks because they are amazeballs at what they’ve just written, but the reality is, it’s only them who appreciate it.

It’s not just every word that counts, it’s every mark we DON’T add that makes them stronger. When you think about all these things whilst writing copy, you become a better copywriter and you’ll start critiquing copy in a new way too (and that will make you stronger).


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