How To Add Emotion To All Your Copy (the hidden secret to copywriting that converts)

When we watch a movie, there are certain things we expect to happen, and if they don’t we feel let down.

For example, if we’re watching a thriller, and there are no thrills, we’ll be disappointed (to say the least).

Likewise, if we’re watching a drama and there is no drama, what was the point?

So called ‘Art House’ movies are a good example.

The point is, we have expectations for everything in life. It’s the biggest driver of emotions I know (it’s why I try to live a zero expectations life – and fail a lot – but I’m working on it).

There are two sides to this when it comes to copywriting. The first is our copy. Part of its purpose is to lift expectations (that’s how you drive emotion), the second is measured by the outcome.

If the product or service lives up to its expectations, all is good. But if any part lets it down, then everything turns bad.

Expectations are about people too of course. Can you fulfill your customers’ expectations of you? And do your customers live up to your expectations?

Think very carefully about expectations. It might be the breakthrough you’re looking for when trying to create better copy.

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