How To Become A Copywriter From The Ground Up [Copywriting Guide]

If you want to know why it is some people win and some don’t, follow the money. It may be old advice, but it works as well today as it ever did.

If you look at any large scale project (eg. some huge corporation) it’s hard to imagine how it got to grow so big.

Zen thinking tells us it’s one brick (or step) at a time. This is true, but if that was all, we’d end up with a giant pile of bricks and no structure.

What we do know is that someone, some human, started it with a thought. That thought may have been a vision of some kind, or simply a desperate need to find a solution to a problem.

But whatever it was, it started with a person. From a copywriting learning perspective, that tells us we need to include (in our reading list) the biographies and autobiographies of the people we most respect who achieved something larger than life within their own lifetimes (or longer if you’re interested in legacy).

Start by asking how your hero became so famous (or rich). Eg. how did J K Rowling go from pauper to billionaire? How did Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and now Jeff Bezos get to launch a space program (something that only a few countries have managed)?

It doesn’t take much research to discover they were determined to get what they wanted (and for at least one of them, becoming a billionaire wasn’t the goal). They just had vision enough to see what they had to do. One word at a time for Rowling, and one deal at a time for Branson.

There was nothing complicated in either approach. It just took vision, determination, and perseverance. The more they did what they did, the easier it got until they became experts at it.

The inevitable happens when you decide to go all in.

Life is exactly what we choose to make it. It will always reflect what we do. If we moan about it, it molds itself into something worth moaning about.

If we look for opportunities, it will overwhelm us with them. But we must take action to make that happen. And as copywriters there’s only way to do that. Write.

I know I’ve said this repeatedly for years, but that remains the one thing we must do every day if we want any chance of becoming not just good, but great.

Start with a plan. I recently wrote a 4 part mini series on it. If you missed it, start here:


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