How To Create A USP That Actually Works

There’s something about a unique selling point (USP) that’s often overlooked (and if the copy you’re working on doesn’t have a USP, then think about what it might be).

A USP can also be the BIG IDEA (search this group for the BIG IDEA to find out more about that).

A USP is only a USP if it’s something the prospect values. It doesn’t matter that you (or your client) thinks your USP is so amazingly incredible “it’s a wonder we’re both not multi-gazillionaires by now”.

If the client doesn’t value it (no matter how unique it may be) then it counts for nothing. I’ve often talked about our USPs as copywriters being ourselves. We’re each unique, and so bring a unique and different voice to our copy.

We can sell that to our prospects till the cows come home, but if they don’t value us as copywriters, then it has no value. This is why the positioning of ourselves and our brands matters.

Without positioning, our prospects haven’t got a clue where we stand in the marketplace.

If you’ve been struggling with this, it’s no wonder. Explaining why we’re so brilliant is hard at the best of times. That’s why internet marketing gurus (the IM crowd) resort to images of fast cars, jets, yachts, mansions, sun-drenched beaches, and other multi-million dollar assets and incomes to sell themselves as “I’m really something, you know.”.

The key of a USP is the S (for selling). The Uniqueness is irrelevant without a Selling Point. So always start with what that one thing is that actually propels your prospect to buy. If it’s the price point, great. Now think about how to make that price point unique (being the lowest in the market is unique – so it’s fine till someone gets more unique and undercuts you).

Being the most expensive is also unique, but how do you let people know why it’s more expensive? Look for the uniqueness in that, a common one is status, or it might be safety or security.

When you’re next stuck for a USP, start with the S, not the U and you’ll find it 11 times easier.


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