How To Create Viral Copy Using The Top Two Human Behaviour Motivators And How News Media Benefits From Bad News

Corona virus is in the news. It’s gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Every time we hear that someone else is having a hard time, it makes us feel lucky (and that feeling is why we lap up bad news).

Here in the West including Europe, the major drug companies (and government health departments) are in denial about many things, but top of the list is Vitamin C.

Every animal on our planet except humans (and a couple of others) produce vitamin C naturally.

When these other animals get ill, their bodies pump it out like there’s no tomorrow (and there would be no tomorrow if they didn’t have this natural weapon against disease).

But drug companies don’t want us to know this. If we did, their profits would drop like meerkats off a cliff.

Right now, you should be thinking “conspiracy theory”. And you’d be right, except it isn’t a theory, nor has it been for the last 90 years (ever since drugs became the largest institutionalised racket in human history).

Trials have been taking place in Shanghai (and many other areas of China) using megadoses of vitamin C (the right type – which is liposomal) intravenously injected, and the results are startling.

Liposomal vitamin C strengthens the immune system (it’s why almost all other animals except us generate it automatically in massive amounts according to their needs).

This is very similar to the long standing defense by USA tobacco companies in the 1990’s that tobacco is harmless – until every doctor on the planet confirmed they were wrong.

Vitamin C is cheap. Dirt cheap. And that’s a problem. No one can licence it and make huge profits from it (it would be like licencing the air we breathe).

What’s the point of this article? Think viral. What makes a story viral? Top of the list is controversy. Second is injustice (although for many that’s first). Think about your audience. What would they consider controversial? Which side of the fence are you on? (so you align perfectly with their beliefs).

PS. In 1998 when the US tobacco companies were finally taken to court, it emerged they had suppressed 40 million damning documents – yes, that’s 40 million – not all conspiracies are theory.

PPS. The evidence for liposomal vitamin C in helping the immune system fight disease is undisputable and has been increasing for decades. Read more here from the US National Library of Medicine about the latest trials:


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