How To Find The Perfect Niche. Part 1 [Copywriting Niches]

Picking a niche to focus on is the biggest stumbling block for many copywriters, but it’s especially hard if you cannot pinpoint your passion or interest.

But, even when you do figure it out, you can still get stuck as one of our members found out.

He was passionate about a certain niche, and could write to the moon and back about it.

But when it came to writing for clients who were into that niche, it threw up a conflict of interest.

When our passion for something is strong, we end up becoming leaders in that field (or at the very least, experts). The trouble with this is, if we then meet other experts who have somewhat differing opinions, beliefs, or just downright wrong ‘facts’, our own integrity won’t allow us to write sales copy for them.

Which means, we’d be better off choosing some other niche we can write about that does not cause such conflicts.

But how would you even start that process? Long standing member Leonardo Uskok found this (thanks for sharing Leonardo):

PS. In part 2 we’ll tear apart some of that and see where we go with it. If you’ve been struggling to pick a niche, let me know in the comments.



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