How To Generate Amazing New Ideas For Copywriting

Ideas are two a penny. Every day we think up new ones. It happens randomly for most people (and for me, it’s always the random ones that are the best).

That tells me one important point. They happen when I’m completely relaxed. The more relaxed, the better the idea.

If I want to force an idea, then I reach for my trusty association tool. Think of two things: eg. being on stage and a porcupine. Is it possible to be prickly on stage? And if so, what does it look (and feel) like to the audience? Am I just fooling around with being prickly, or am I seriously annoyed at something and want to let off steam?

How about a pineapple and a dog. Do dogs like pineapple? My gut says no. Why is that? Probably my conditional bias. Do they really like traditional “dog food” though (or is that some advertising ploy)?, and what is dog food anyway?

Do dogs, porcupines, being on stage and pineapples have anything to do with copywriting? Yes. I just made it so. I’m pretty sure if I had a dog and took it for a walk right now, I’d come back with some amazing ideas. Dogs are brilliant at distracting our minds from what seems to be important – letting our subconscious come up with the good stuff.

I wrote a whole lot more about associations in this week’s Weekly Newsletter. The link’s at the top.



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