How To Get More Copywriting Clients By Telling Them The Truth

Search engines list single pages. They always have. They don’t list websites because that is pointless (it’s a bit like saying “go google it” whenever you’re asked a question).

To put it another way, we use Google and all search engines for solutions to problems (and nothing else). So giving a result like “” doesn’t help. We need to be directed to ONE specific page that gives us the BEST answer that currently exists.

Those pages are called Landing Pages because that’s what we land on when we click a link. In other words, EVERY page on the internet is a Landing Page if someone lands on it (for whatever reason).

People have a misconception about “landing pages”. They think they are many things (somewhere for long form sales copy, a sales video, etc.) when in reality they are nothing more than a page on the internet.

As humans, we love labeling things. It’s how we make sense of the world. And as marketers, there is nothing better than inventing a new label (even when it’s not required). It’s how we create a USP when none exists (the word “NEW” is the ultimate USP – there’s nothing newer than new, right?).

Explaining this to a prospect who has previously been told they “need a landing page” will do two things: a) tell them you know what you’re talking about, and b) tell them you might actually be able to deliver what they want – which is great copy – not a non-existent unicorn.

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