How To Get New Ideas Part 2 [Copywriting Guides]

Here’s another way to get attention when it comes to copywriting (see also part 1 of this mini series on How To Get New Ideas).

Pick any current news story and align it with your copy. For example, searching for “top stories” as I write this brings up “Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Flypast” on the BBC.

I can weave that into some political copy about survival – and being a true story, it associates truth with our copy.

Eg. “Without the bravery of ‘The Few’ during the Battle of Britain, the UK would have been overrun by fascists. The same can be said today, which is why a vote for XYZ is the only choice we have right now.”.

There are different ways of using this, the most obvious of which is to search for news stories to do with whatever we’re writing about, but you can also use news that aligns with the values, benefits, or any other attributes of your offer.

Just keep in mind that your audience must believe the news to be truthful, and it must also align with their beliefs in general (or do a great job of changing them).

If you’re ever stuck for ideas, jump on the shoulders of giants, and away you go.

PS. Alignment is important in all copy, but nothing beats news when it comes to getting attention.

PPS. Part 3 is here.

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