How To Get New Ideas Part 3 [Copywriting Guides]

Another way to get new ideas is to figure out how something works. For example, advertising relies on one thing: Attention.

Luckily, the science of getting attention is simple: Be outrageous. Anything unusual gets attention because it’s in our DNA to notice unusual things.

For most species, the most outrageous attention getter is movement (any movement is a good sign that dinner awaits – cats are masters of it).

Strangely, this is also why video is more popular than radio. Any movement gets our attention even though we all know the sabre tooth tiger is dead.

That’s science for you, but what about art? The art of getting attention is somewhat different and because of that, difficult (it cannot be mastered, because once mastered, it becomes science – therefore doable).

[This group is called the Science of Copywriting – and not the Art of Copywriting for that reason, we like to stick with proven things]

Early movies used long sequence shots. Modern movies flip multiple times per second. Movement matters to humans just as much as it does to other species (just not for the same reasons).

Words can do the same. The most boring novels have paragraph after paragraph of description, but best sellers move fast (the same with all those ‘box sets’ on TV of course).

So when writing copy, avoid repetition unless you’re adding a new angle. Attention is the holy grail we’re after. Get it right and your copy works. Get it wrong and it’s crickets.

PS. This copy was done in two sessions. The second required a major rewrite before editing. If it’s in any way boring, it failed. However, if you’re reading this, then maybe it worked. It took around an hour to write.

PPS. This is part 3 of the How To Get New Ideas mini series. You can find part 1 here: and part 4 here:

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