How To Know Villain Copywriters From Hero Copywriters

Every time the bad guys win, they kill themselves and the world a little more. They don’t know this, which is why they continue to do it.

Objectively, it’s just short-sighted thinking (and short-term obviously).

It’s the same with climate change deniers. There’s no point denying that the climate is changing, because it evidently is. You don’t need scientists to prove this, you just take a look at the records, and it’s clear. Again, it’s simply short-sightedness.

Every time a copywriter (or sales person – or anyone for that matter) makes a claim or promise that cannot be fulfilled, it’s the same thing. Short-sightedness.

The opposite then, is to be long-sighted. Heroes are long-sighted by nature. They know what is right and wrong for the world through experience or gut-feeling.

They know that anything worthwhile takes time. They know if they put 100% of their focus on the one thing they believe to be worthwhile for the long term, it will always outweigh the short-term.

As a pro copywriter, this is always top of mind. When you let your prospective clients know this too, you will gain another tiny (but important) piece of respect.



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