How To Make Desire Burn So Brightly, No One Can Resist [Copywriting Know How]

How secure do you feel? The chances are, right now, you’re feeling secure. Security (as a feeling) is an emotion, but it’s impossible for anyone to feel an emotion permanently (emotions must be broken by other emotions for them to be perceived in the first place).

As copywriting involves emotion and logic, it becomes obvious that even with the best copy, it won’t appeal to everyone all the time. Even people it appeals to now, may get nothing from it tomorrow (because the emotion we’re appealing to has been replaced by another).

The stalwart of all copy is desire. Desire is also an emotion. It’s a craving or yearning for something. We’re told that true desire originates from within (like feeling hungry), but one thing’s for sure, we can affect it externally (like an advert for a cold beer on a hot day).

However, the desire needs to be there in the first place (eg. we must like beer, and we must be thirsty).

Which makes me ask one question? Can desire be generated out of thin air? Can we be made to desire beer when we’ve never heard of it, let alone tasted it? The old school of copywriting says no.

Whatever you think of this, if a desire is a craving for something, then we finally have our magic bullet: “Create a strong enough desire and you can sell anything to anyone”.

But how?

One way is brainwashing. Say one thing enough times to a captive audience, and they will change. Add a bit of force in there too, and you’ll convert 99% of them.

Can it last long-term? No. Nothing forced ever lasts long-term. It’s the nature of things (if we could get over that as a species and stop forcing people to do things against their will, we’d all be a lot happier for it).

This brings us to our purpose, of which there are only two fundamentals: Creation and Nurture.

The best copywriters create something (a big idea), and nurture it till it flourishes (a funnel, sequence, or other marketing tactic).

The desire builds through this nurturing until the spark that set it alight (the big idea) glows so brightly, it cannot be extinguished.

That’s when the magic happens and sales are made.

PS. Is it really a Magic Bullet? No. There are no magic bullets. Only knowledge, experience, and long-term dedication.



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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