How To Use Negativity In Your Copy Part 1 [Copywriting Knowhow]

Everyone’s been banging on about positivity and the power of positive thinking ever since there was a quick buck to be made from it (and there’s plenty more still to be made believe me).

But what about negativity? What happened to that bad boy in all this power of now positive persuasion propaganda?

It’s time to redress the balance and give negativity a powerful shot up the proverbial. Let’s start with my favourite: Envy.

There are three ways to position yourself as a copywriter. Position A) set yourself up as the ‘goto’ boss of everything. Place countless logos and testimonials on your site. Claim the most outrageous claims. And price yourself through the roof but with huge crazy discounts to get people through the door.

Position B) set yourself up as a specialist. No outrageous claims, just proof of what you have done and a way to be contacted.

Position C) set yourself up as a general copywriter.

The problem with all positions is that you get nowhere unless you reach out to your market.

Whichever position you choose though, every time you see a position A site, you go mad with envy. “How can they get away with making all these BS claims and all that money?”.

So how about the Enviable Entrepreneur? That person who always seems to be the centre of attention in front of huge audiences. Running 5 figure retreats in exotic locations. Has a podcast with a bazillion subscribers, an oversubscribed YouTube channel. Masses of products. Appears on TV. Multi NYT Best Selling Author. And endorsed by the good and the great.

Makes you spit. What right do they have to be up there (with all that wealth and fame)?

But that’s nothing. We haven’t even got started yet. More trouble coming in part 2 here.

PS. Read along with my diary of Copy for Beginners here:



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