How To Write A Better Webinar Script All Copywriters Should Take Note Of

Every internet marketing webinar out there I see starts the same way. The host asks where we’re from, and then interacts with “I see we have John from Oklahoma, and there’s Cheryl from Carolina‚Ķ” and so it goes on.

The idea behind this serves two purposes. 1) it tells people it’s live (which is very important to us humans for no good reason), and 2) it allows the host to talk in a seemingly purposeful way whilst waiting for laggers to join (this is the real purpose).

Once certain numbers have been met (entirely arbitrary) the host can kick off with the next item on the agenda. This can be 1 of 2 things: 1) a “who am I and why should you care – but don’t  worry, I bore the pants off you, I’ll make it brief, and I’m not doing this to brag” mini-autobio, or 2) a “who is this for and why should you care” version of 1.

After that we go through the usual stuff. Whether the webinar sells the numbers it expected to sell depends on the ratio of must-have benefits that fit the audience vs must-have features that fit the audience.

The final sections add further value and heap on the scarcity. And everyone copies everyone else. And people get rich.

Yesterday I watched a webinar that didn’t quite follow the usual formula. It kicked off at the prescribed time exactly. The first item on the agenda was the “Who is this for?” section. You knew immediately if this was for you. It made a refreshing change.

There was none of the “YES – we are really live” stuff at all. None of the “Type 1 if you agree” (a snidy way of getting a YES whilst pretending that you know people know that and you’re really a good guy because you’re purposely not asking for a YES).

It went straight into proof. Tons and tons of it. Screenshots of data that didn’t scream ‘scam’ – in other words, it was believable. It didn’t use testimonials at all (how many people check out testimonials?).

It finished with the “what it is and how do you get it” section. There was no scarcity at all – just the idea (deeply embedded by this point) that you’d be a fool not to get this.

If you’re thinking of doing a webinar or writing the script for a client – or even just making a video. Use the above method. It works right now because it’s only a little bit different. It’s new not revolutionary (but feels like revolutionary when you’re so used to the ‘old way’.).



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