How To Write Direct Emails That Don’t Need A Hard Sell

Last week I received an email from Gary Vaynerchuck with the subject line: “This email is for die hard NFL fans only”. I’m not a die hard NFL fan (or even a soft one). In fact, I’m not a fan at all.

But I opened it nevertheless (and I maybe open 1 in 10 of Gary’s emails). Why? Because it was so DIRECT. I had to know what it was Gary found so important.

And I read every word. It was non-salesy. No BS. Just a plain “hey, I’m doing this, if you’re a die hard NFL fan I think you’ll find it valuable”.

Tickets to this event start at $1100 (1000 available) to $2750 (100 available). You get 3 hours to meet and mingle with NFL stars and a few hollywood celebs. It will sell out.

When people talk about email sequences and clever ninja tricks, sometimes they miss the obvious. A highly targeted, dedicated offer that solves one single problem (in this case, it’s how to meet the top NFL players in one place).

There was no follow up email or hard sell. No “get it now before they’re all gone”. No “Last 10 remaining spots”. And no “This will never be repeated again.”.

I’m not against any of these methods. They are necessary to sell out an event where there’s no strong draw (provided they’re honest). What I am saying is this: when you put together an irresistible offer, you don’t need to try very hard.

Next time you meet with a prospect, help them put together that offer. It will make your life as a copywriter easier (and build your reputation as a winner).



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