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How To Write The Best Copy – Real Motivation For Copywriters

There is something fundamental about copy that most people don’t get. It’s not about fancy words or deep persuasion. It’s not about big claims or promises. And it’s certainly not about tricksy techniques or sleight-of-hand.

At its heart is the raw power of words. Simple, short, easy to understand words. Sentences that make sense. Paragraphs that are complete – and yet make you want to read on.

Powerful copy sucks you in by its simplicity, not by the complex dynamics going on behind the scenes.

When you come across it, you know it’s right, not because you suddenly think “wow, this is amazing” but because of what you don’t think.

Powerful copy takes you on the journey you always wanted to go on. It leads you step by step with a light so bright, you’re never lost.

And even when you’re done, and the product is bought, you still don’t care if you were suckered into it. The journey was worth it and you’d happily do it again.

Strive for clarity and simplicity in your writing. The world will recognise and love you for it.

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I've spent my working life starting and running a whole variety of businesses, from my first QPL Express Couriers where I travelled over 100,000 miles every year delivering packages on a motorcycle (along with a whole bunch of colleagues) to which made a major in-road in the UK, to ProofMEDIA my current business that focuses on Copywriting and the International Copywriters Association, which helps copywriters learn more about copywriting and the copywriting industry around the world.

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