Injustice and Copywriting

“When you read something that makes you angry at someone on anti-social media, stop and wonder who started it and why.” – Rick Green – Bloomberg Senior News Editor

This almost always involves a case of injustice. Injustice is huge when it comes to emotional persuasion (which is why it’s used so much on all media channels where the clicks the thing).

Injustice hits our amygdala nearly as fast as pain. Nothing bypasses our consciousness quicker than our sense of what’s right.

The hardest hitting stories are full of injustice.

“Old age pensioner’s much loved pet dog tortured by gang of fourteen year olds.”

“Boy, 8, dies due to overworked doctor’s misdiagnosis.”

“Innocent woman stoned to death in backward thinking country.”

It’s easy to throw rocks at enemies when you employ injustice. And it makes no difference if it’s real or fake. Mud sticks even when it doesn’t exist.

If you’re already feeling a sense of injustice, that’s why.

So be careful when you use this in your copy. It’s perhaps the most powerful weapon in use today.

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